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Rise & Thrive


Own your power. Communicate with confidence. Build a personal brand where you're seen, heard, and valued as a leader.

May 8 - 10, 2023  •  NASHVILLE, TN

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Does this sound like you?

When I think about my career I...

  • find it challenging to speak about and celebrate my wins

  • feel scared putting myself out there consistently

  • don't know how to communicate my expertise

  • don't feel seen and valued

  • feel stagnate and unsure about the next step in my career

  • am unsure how my skills translate to other careers

  • feel stuck and fearful about what's next

  • am always asked to take on extra projects but haven't been promoted

  • want to feel more confident with public speaking

  • am overworked, underpaid, underestimated, and underappreciated

  • want to make a career change but I feel guilt about leaving

  • am ready for a change, but I'm fearful about starting over

If you said yes to any of these, this experience is specifically for you.


The Rise & Thrive Summit

will help you step into the fullest version of yourself, communicate with confidence, determine your next step with clarity, and thrive in your career!

What is Rise & Thrive?

A personal & professional development experience for impact-driven women.

This is more than an event to be inspired. This is a 3-day experience to implement.

Rise & Thrive will help you harness your authenticity to show up fully and be seen, heard, and valued in your career through coaching and implementation-focused learning.


Boldly Leap Into Your Next Phase


Impact-driven women who want to take their career to the next level



  • individual contributors

  • people leaders

  • aspiring people leaders

  • women that want to be seen, heard and valued


Are you grateful for what you've achieved, and at the same time, you're ready for what's next?

Are you an emerging leader who wants to position yourself as a leader in your organization and industry - in a way that’s authentic to who you are?

Whether you're in a transition or ready for one, you deserve to thrive in your career with intention, alignment, and impact.


If you’re ready to thrive as a leader and be seen, heard, and valued this experience is for you.

Welcome to the women from Bridgestone Americas.

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Rediscover Your





Rise & Thrive is curated for you to:

  • Increase your self-awareness 

  • Clarify your unique value and strengths

  • Cultivate your personal leadership skills 

  • Communicate your career experiences with clarity

  • Create a compelling career story

  • Confidently build your network in a hybrid work environment to increase your exposure

  • Enhance your public speaking & storytelling skills


You can expect to learn:


  • how to identify your zone of genius and how your strengths can help you stand out as a leader

  • how to communicate your career story with confidence and clarity

  • strategies to build an authentic personal brand that positions you to thrive

The Agenda

Connection & Cultivating Confidence


Day One:

Rise & Thrive will kick off with women you will get to know as you take your career to the next level.

Creating alignment and cultivating confidence

  • Meet & greet
  • Thrivers accountability circles

  • Fireside chat with inspiring women executives

Personal & People Leadership


Day Two:

Learning sessions & coaching to help you clarify and communicate your value.


Leading YOU: Personal leadership to thrive

  • Identify your zone of genius
  • Creating career alignment

  • Clarify your strengths & value

  • Defining work-life synergy for you


Lunch & Confident Public Speaking Masterclass

General: Lunch on your own

Leading OTHERS: Power skills to thrive

  • EQ & growth mindset

  • Authentic leadership

  • Influencing without positional authority

  • Leading teams with courage

  • Stakeholder alignment

Coaching Hot Seats

Personal Branding


Day Three:

Let's take your personal brand to the next level! 

Build a strong personal brand

  • Building YOUR BRAND

  • Proven frameworks for

    • Communicating your value
    • Building relationship capital to expand your network
    • Strategies for positioning your brand

    • Building trust & credibility

Coaching Hot Seats

Leave Rise & Thrive



Achieving your next career goal won't just be about hard work. With a clearer vision and strategy to thrive in your career, you will also work smart to be seen, heard, and valued as a leaders.


Competence breeds confidence. With more clarity on who you are, where you're going, and how to get there you will experience a deeper level of identity-rooted confidence that will increase your trust in yourself to own your career and communicate your value..


Connect with other emerging women leaders and gain the clairty and courage to take your next step. With implementation learning and frameworks to replicate success, you will increase your courage to own your story, communicate your value, and prioritize the life and career you want.


Here's what other women have to say about our coaching and live event experiences :

hey thriver,

It's your time to show up authentically and thrive in your career!

Career Thrivers is thrilled to host you in Nashville, TN for 3 days of coaching and implementation-focused learning to help you:

  • Own your power

  • Communicate with confidence

  • Build a personal brand where you're seen, heard, and valued as a leader

You will walk away from this experience with more clarity, confidence, and courage to take the next step in your career - even if it's in an entirely new direction!

I look forward to seeing you in May!

Keep Thriving,


Brittany N. Cole

CEO, Career Thrivers

Invest in the development & well-being of women leaders at your organization.

If companies don’t take action, they won’t just lose their women leaders; they risk losing the next generation of women leaders, too. Young women are even more ambitious, and they place a higher premium on working in an equitable, supportive, and inclusive workplace. They’re watching senior women leave for better opportunities, and they’re prepared to do the same. increasingly more so than men.

Lean In 2022 Women in the Workplace:

We're excited to see you at
the Rise & Thrive Advancing Women Leaders Experience.



  • 3 days away from the busyness of life for meaningful development, connection, and learning

  • Access to a community of other emerging women prior to our in-person time together

  • Coaching from Brittany N. Cole and Career Thrivers Coaches

  • A like-motivated community of iron-sharpening women to connect with before, during and after

  • The Career Thriver's framework for building a personal brand that aligns your purpose, passion & desired path

  • Surprises!!! We love giving surprises! 

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